Stay Ahead of the Herd

Ekos Rancher is Livestock & Ranch Management software that makes it easier to organize information and manage every aspect of your farm or ranch. Ekos Rancher lets you track vital information about every animal, keep up with supplies and expenses, and stay on top of to-do items.

Don't let any details slip through the cracks. Ekos Rancher makes managing your day-to-day operations faster and easier, and keeps you ahead of the herd.

Track Cattle, Horses, Goats, Pigs, Sheep and Similar Types of Animals

Work from Anywhere

Ekos Rancher can be accessed from anywhere on your farm using your WiFi, 3G, or 4G connection on your smartphone.

Seamless Integration

Ekos Rancher works with data from RFID readers and electronic scale systems.

Priced for You

Whether you have 10 animals or 500, Ekos Rancher is worth the investment.

Animal Count Cost/Month
up to 10 Free
up to 100 $19
up to 500 $29
up to 1000 $49
over 1000 Call

See how much easier managing your farm or ranch can be: